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Control Systems and SCADA Design

Our priority is ensuring that your facility can keep things moving. With our experience and expertise in providing complete design packages, we:

  • Deliver comprehensive design solutions to meet your plant needs

  • Ensure operability and long-term, failure-free operations

  • Are well-versed in current technologies, legacy hardware, and software

  • Have extensive experience in integrating old and new technology to successfully migrate control systems

Complete Systems Integration

We can meet a full range of system integration needs. With our in-depth experience with sensors, controls, hardware and software, our team can provide efficient solutions to any project, regardless of scope.

  • Custom-tailored solutions while maintaining the flexibility to respond to changing needs

  • Small, medium, and large systems with basic to complex design requirements

  • Extensive experience upgrading plants and processes

Programming and Start-Up

We provide all of the necessary resources for the implementation of your new system. We have a full staff of PLC, OIT, and SCADA Programmers with experience to meet your specific operational needs and regulatory requirements. Our team is:

  • Highly proficient in designing a solid start-up plan

  • Educated and experienced with all major brands of PLCs, OITs and HMI software

  • Able to develop detailed timelines tailored to your operation's needs

  • Able to ensure minimal downtime and interruption to daily operations

Field and After Hours Services

Our engineers and technicians are equipped with the right tools and cross-trained to efficiently troubleshoot and identify the root cause of a system failure.

  • We have experience with field instrumentation, PLCs, OITs, VFDs, control panel components, and various communication methods (radio, cellular, satellite, etc...)

  • We have a large team of technicians and programmers who can respond quickly to emergencies

  • Our Automation Team can be reached at or after hours at (877) 579-5999

Example Automation Projects

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