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Municipal U.A. Security Design

Location; Secaucus, NJ | Market Served; Wastewater | Key Services; Automation


Secaucus Municipal Utilities Authority required a security upgrade to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, in which Keystone provided the design. The project consisted of adding a fibre-optic connection from the front to the back end of the plant, that would not only provide communication of the radio/security system but would provide a backbone for the future SCADA upgrade. It also included the addition of 5 cameras, WiFi Radios to communicate the camera signals, as well as a new motorized gate to the front of the plant as well as the addition of a new computer, DVR software and a new 55” monitor in the Main Control Room.

The WiFi radios were utilized for areas of the plant that did not have Ethernet or Fiber communications to the Main Control Room. The Main Control, where the computer and DVR software resides, is used to record, monitor and save the video from each of the cameras. The new computer will also be utilized for the SCADA upgrade, where the cameras will be able to be included in the SCADA HMI software in order to monitor different processes of the plant.

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