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SCADA System Design and Programming

Location; York, PA | Market Served; Water | Key Services; Automation

The relationship between The York Water Company (YWC) and Keystone Engineering Group spans 20 years. It began with a test system installed between a single Pumphouse and Tank. This system communicated via licensed radio and provided much more control, and status than the existing leased line system. The system worked well.

Well enough that, YWC expanded the Distribution SCADA system to the entire 50+ sites, including the remaining PumpHouses and Tanks, Valve Sites and Booster Stations. Additionally, YWC and Keystone have added SCADA to the Source Water Systems, Filtration Plant and Solids Handling Systems. All systems now feature some level of redundant communications networks that sense breakdowns and switch to secondary networks automatically. Critical Systems continue to operate when the primary communications networks are down. The SCADA system provides critical data in Real-Time and Historical Data to review past events and assist in troubleshooting process issues.

Upon request, Keystone provided training to YWC personnel on the programming software and operation of the Systems such that YWC can provide in house troubleshooting and resolution for a variety of issues. Keystone continues to provide Programming Services, Engineering assistance and Service for all the SCADA systems.

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