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Morton Traction Power Substation Rehabilitation

Location; Morton, PA | Market Served; Transportation | Key Services; Electrical


Keystone Engineering Group is the Engineer of Record for the design of the Morton Traction Power Substation supplying the
12kv overhead trolley system serving SEPTA’s regional rail network of commuter lines. The Morton power substation,
originally constructed and in continual service since 1932, is located in Morton, PA, in suburban Philadelphia, PA.

The work consisted of the replacement of two 4.5MVA traction transformers, 138kV overhead conductors, switches and
insulators, 12kV secondary circuit breakers, trolley breakers and overhead conductors, ground matt and underground rail
return conductors, and rehabilitation of the control house including replacement of the protective relaying control panels,
SCADA system, building HVAC, lighting and security system, as well as structural and finishing upgrades to the masonry
control house, and rehabilitation of the overhead lattice structure including repair to corroded steel members, repairs to
concrete foundations, upgrades to worker safety tie-offs and railings, and repainting of the steel.

The Project has as a design-build contract, awarded to Philips Brothers Electrical Contractors, with Keystone acting as
subcontractor. The design work began in May 2015 and was completed in March 2016. As this was a design-build project,
the procurement of major equipment began several months before completion and acceptance of the final design set. The
construction work began upon acceptance of the final design and was completed in July 2017.

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