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Electrical Engineer Passes Professional Engineering Exam

Keystone Engineering Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that one of our Electrical Engineers, Kerstin Hezek, has passed her Professional Engineering (P.E.) Exam.

With six years of engineering experience, Kerstin decided to take her Fundamental Exam in 2020. After passing the Fundamentals Exam in December, she jumped right into preparing for her P.E. exam, which she took eight months later in August 2021.

Kerstin graduated from Villanova University in 2015 and started her career in the Nuclear industry post-graduate. In 2015, she worked for ENERCON in Parsippany, NJ. Kerstin was a part of their team for a year and a half before moving back to her home state of Pennsylvania. In November of 2016, she started interviewing with Keystone. Since starting on Keystone's Design team, Kerstin has brought enthusiasm and passion for working in the Water and Wastewater Industry.

Kerstin and her husband have a toddler at home and are expecting their second child! When asked about what motivated her to pursue her P.E., Kerstin states:

"I never imagined at the beginning of my career that I would become a professional engineer, especially during a time of working full-time with a toddler at home and a little one on the way. But when you like what you do, you start making all kinds of crazy decisions. I think my biggest motivator was the decision to become a professional engineer for my personal life, rather than as a career goal. It certainly helped me stay focused, and I can say I am proud of adding those two little letters after my name."

Congratulations, Kerstin Hezek, P.E., for your hard work!


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