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Presentation Alert: ISA IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Conference, May 11, 2021

Next Tuesday, one of Keystone's Automation Programmers, Floyd Springman, will be presenting with representatives from Aqua America and Phoenix Contact during the International Society of Automation's (ISA) IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Conference. Their presentation, entitled Session 5: Tapping Real-Time USGS Data for Compliant Pumping Operations, starts at 1:55 PM.

We interviewed Floyd on what to expect from the conference, his background, and the importance of his presentation topic.


Q&A with the Conference Speaker: Floyd Springman, Automation Programmer

Q: Can you tell us what to expect from this presentation?

A: If you are coming in as an Automation professional, you will likely hear of programs and software you might not be familiar with. As technology progresses, many new ideas are being injected into how things have been done in the past. This presentation will open the audience to new possibilities of what can be done by leveraging these new technologies.

Q: Where and when are you presenting?

A: I will be presenting virtually from my home, and it will be Tuesday, May 11th at 1:55 PM. If you are interested in attending and learning more about the conference, you can read more on ISA's website.

Q: Who should attend this conference?

A: Anyone interested in IIOT and how web data can be utilized and integrated into an industrial process.

Q: Can you give us a little bit of background on who you are?

A: I am an automation programmer who has several years of experience with Rockwell Automation as the main backbone of my career. I have worked in multiple industries such as extrusion, mining, and now water-related processes. I love having the opportunity to work on projects, such as the one referenced in my presentation, where I could explore cutting-edge skills and ideas.

Q: Why is this topic important to learn more about?

A: IIOT is becoming more and more prevalent, and as time goes on, it will only continue to redevelop how data and processes occur.


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