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Did You Know? Microsoft Stopped Supporting Windows 7 in January 2020

Since its release in 2009, Windows 7 has been a staple in the lives of household and business PC users. In January 2020, Microsoft ended customer support and no longer provides security updates for PC’s that have the Windows 7 Operating System. Microsoft urges users to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for the latest hardware technology and to lessen cybersecurity risk. Companies and individuals that continue to use Windows 7 are more vulnerable to security risks, malware, and viruses.

Keystone Engineering Group can help our clients make a smooth transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 by analyzing the customer’s existing hardware and software for Windows 10 compatibility such as:

  • HMI Software Version

  • Alarming Software

  • Reporting Software

  • Peripheral Devices – Tablets, Modems, Printers, touchscreens, Etc.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

  • Cybersecurity Threat Mitigation Recommendations


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