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Did you know? Mag Meters Have Been Significantly Upgraded in the Last Few Years

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Over the last 30-40 years, Water/Wastewater Design and Construction Industry professionals have become familiar with the mixed blessings of Mag Meters. While providing a reliable method of flow measurement, critical to process control, Mag Meters have had a downside in practical application. The varied requirement of a standard number of diameters of straight pipe run before and after the meter has been at times a difficult and expensive hurdle to their use. New designs requiring additional space for meter implementation can be costly. In system upgrades and retrofits, it is often the case that expensive rework is needed to properly install the meter for accurate readings.

New models of Mag Meters have come to the market from well-known companies. These Mag Meters have no such requirement, zero diameter pipe runs before and after, so that even the insertion between two 90-degree elbows is an acceptable configuration. This is particularly important when you need to insert a meter into an existing pipe routing with tight spaces. Small innovations such as this can have a major impact on your design!


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