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Did You Know? Climate Change Can be Planned for with the EPA's CRWU Program

According to NASA, the Earth's global temperature has increased by 2.1% since 1980, with nineteen of the warmest years since taking place since the year 2000. In the Northeastern part of the US, climate change affects the environment by causing unpredictable weather patterns such as heatwaves and heavy downpours. With these changes becoming more noticeable, many cities and states are starting to incorporate climate change into their planning.

EPA's Creating Resilient Water Utilities (CRWU) program has a goal of combatting climate change by providing tools, training, and technical assistance to water utilities. This program is set up to help professionals working with clean water, wastewater, and stormwater by developing plans for changing climates and environments. The benefit to using the CRWU for resources, training, and assessments of your water and wastewater facilities is figuring out where future threats and impacts might apply. The CRWU program has historical and projection data, which can help identify when climate change may impact your facility. By monitoring these threats, facilities can project any future financial impacts to their current infrastructure and technology.

Tools, guides, and additional information on the CRWU program are available on the EPA's website:

Additional statistics and facts on climate change are available on NASA's website:


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