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Stormwater Pump Stations

Location; Mantoloking and Bayhead, Ocean County, NJ | Market Served; Wastewater, Stormwater |
Key Services; Electrical and Controls Design

Keystone Engineering Group provided electrical, instrumentation & control design and construction management services
for nine (9) stormwater pumping stations in Ocean County, New Jersey. Each station has the following characteristics: high
flow, low head submersible propeller type stormwater pump stations, each with three to five 50-80 HP pumps and
associated level controls, the pumps are constant speed with reduced voltage soft starters as appropriate as required by the power company, only 2 of 3 or 4 of 5 pumps ever run simultaneously, the pumps are in a precast vault, all underground,
the electrical components are above ground, above flood level, in the ceiling spaces of large decorative gazebos, new 480
volt, three (3) phase service was supplied to each station, each station has provisions for a portable generator including a
manual transfer switch and receptacle, there is an Autodialer to pick up alarms such as high water level, pump fault (high
temp or seal leak), and intrusion (for security).

Keystone provided complete design services for the electrical portion of the project consisting of drawings
and specifications for bidding. All of our drawings were prepared on AutoCAD and the technical specifications were in the
CSI Master Spec format on Microsoft Word. Keystone also reviewed shop drawings and answered technical questions
during construction.

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