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Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Upgrade

Location; Ellicott City, MD | Market Served; Education, Wastewater | Key Services; Design-Build


Glenelg Country School is a private day school with approximately 1,000 students and staff located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Keystone is currently in the process of installing two (2) 9,750 gallon per day (GPD) wastewater treatment facilities with sub-surface discharge. Due to challenges of the existing system to meet total nitrogen limits, the school elected to have new wastewater treatment systems installed above ground within a separate building. In order to meet more stringent discharge requirements and wastewater flow variability's, a mini-MBR, provided by Innovative Treatment Products, LLC, was selected by Keystone.

Keystone Engineering Group was selected as the design-build firm to complete the engineering, obtain necessary permits, bid the construction, and provide construction management. This was completed utilizing our guaranteed maximum price (GMP) open-book approach. Close coordination was required between Keystone, Glenelg, subcontractors and ITP (equipment supplier) due to the pre-purchase of major equipment. The project is currently under construction and is projected to finish within budget.
Each new treatment system includes equalization, fine screening, anoxic zone for denitrification, aeration zone, and membrane filtration. Permitted effluent requirements are BOD less than 30 mg/l, TSS less than 30 mg/l and Total Nitrogen less than 20 mg/l.

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