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Automation Controls & SCADA Areas of Expertise

  • design
  • programming
  • installation 
  • troubleshooting of automatic process control systems

Millions of custmers benefit from the services designed by professionals in the automation industry.  Automation is a critical component to the overall progression of technology in today's society.

Control Systems 

An automatic control system includes process sensors, controllers, and controlled devices that are selected and configured to regulate a process without continuous operator monitoring and intervention. Generally speaking, automatic control systems make what people do, easier.  Rather than spending hours recording data in log books by hand, automatic control systems let computers do the work for you – with a touch of a button.  Control systems often include a monitoring function to record the state of a process for later use.  The transmissions of remote sensor readings allow an operator to monitor a remotely dispersed process from a central location. These functions are commonly termed “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”, or SCADA.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Automation systems, like SCADA, are frequently implemented by a System Integrator. The System Integrator brings together the controls and devices from various sub-processes in a plant so that the subsystems function together as a unified system. This technology allows people to control multiple systems through the use of one computer screen, saving time, labor, and money.

Keystone’s System Integration Services

Keystone is unique among automation providers in that we offer professional engineering services, as well as systems integration services.  This dual capability allows us to provide a full-range of custom automation services to our clients, ranging from conceptual designs to complete installation and programming services. With over 10 years of continual automation and SCADA experience, Keystone has completed countless projects for the Water, Wastewater and Process Industries.