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Water Treatment & Reuse

Water infrastructure consists of water production and water distribution for public consumption and/or industrial processes.  Without water production and distribution, the world would be full of unsafe conditions and harmful chemicals.  

Water Production

Water production begins with the collection of raw water from either underground wells or surface water and ends with the treatment of the water for its intended purpose. Treatment options range from individual chlorination feed systems that serve a single water production well to large water filtration plants that provide the water supply for an entire city or county.

Water Distribution

Water distribution involves the storage of the treated water through the use of pipes and pumping systems that are necessary to deliver the water to the community.  Water distribution also includes the processes that use the water, such as post treatment and water conditioning for food and beverage companies, chemical & manufacturing plants and other businesses.

Keystone’s Water Treatment & Reuse Services

Keystone Engineering Group provides electrical and control system engineering support to other municipal engineers by creating innovative designs for public water systems.  These water systems range from small rural authorities to city and county governments.  Keystone offers direct support to industrial clients regarding all aspects of water supply, treatment and reuse.  Our specialties include power distribution, motor control, automation and remote monitoring systems, such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).    Industrial clients also benefit from Keystone’s detailed Design and Design-Build Services, with projects ranging from small process & control system upgrades to larger treatment plant projects.